CARS: Cadillac [Overview]

These spots highlight the power, innovative design and regal beauty of Cadillac, a brand re-inventing itself though imaginative, modern twists on classic style.

Elegant photography, keen attention to detail, and a dynamic visual style rich in artful compositions, exhilarating perspectives and surprising, almost surreal, effects, will offer audiences a unique and stunning look at the sophisticated design, flawless handling, elegant features and advanced technology of the SRX Crossover.

The magic of these spots lies in the contrast and distinctive balance between the real world elements of design and performance and the fantasy created by the use of surprising and surreal effects and transitional techniques. This unique balance and its seemingly effortless orchestration on-screen will work to successfully 're-invent,' re-envision' and 're-ignite' the Cadillac brand and SRX Crossover.
CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Wrigley's Extra [Overview]

You can only guzzle so much lemon water before you want to run out and buy the largest piece of chocolate cake you can get you hands, and fork, on. It's silly the way we struggle with these cravings, but at last, we can capture the humor and absurdity of it all in a way that's relatable and entirely entertaining. The solution to this madness is as easy as a stick of Wrigley's Extra Gum to take your mind off that intrepid voice inside your head at last week's production meeting telling you to yank that bag of cookies from your coworker's hand and tear into them in a sugar-fueled frenzy... sorry... flashback.

I'd like to illuminate this reality in a very smart, understated manner that centers around two amusing and authentic character portraits of real women in real confrontations with the snack world. These scripts are inherently funny, and a great actress will no doubt make them funnier. Therefore, it's not necessary for the camerawork to push or force the comedy. Ultimately, what we want is a restrained performance coupled with a visual style that allows the comedy to come forth in a clever, observed way by focusing on the contrast between what she's doing (I'm scribbling on my notepad... see, I'm paying attention) and what she's really thinking (I wonder how many sit-ups equals one of those chips? What if I do butt squeezes until the meeting is over? Will that count?)
STORE: Lowes [Tone]

So much of the time I see spots in this vein that are over-stylized. I don't identify with them, so instead of going for that new product (or new can of paint), I just think of the family on screen as totally separate and different from my own. With this spot, I want to make sure to keep the heart and soul of it. It should feel honest and authentic so that viewers will identify with and be taken in by our family. In doing so, they too will want to go out and experiment with color in their home and be open to a transformation.

This is what I call the human touch. Real family. Real neighborhood. Real home. The colored setting isn't manufactured or fabricated or something we've seen time and time again. Let's do away with that outdated 90's vibe of the Target commercials where everything is the same color, and, instead, embrace this idea of a real family who happens to love blue. It's an embellishment on real life that we're aiming for, not a fairy tale.
FINANCIAL: Chase Sapphire [Story]

We open on dad busy at work on his computer. He looks up for a brief moment to find his son totally entranced by the underwater display on the TV set, his diving mask and snorkel snug around his head. He smiles to himself, and taking a cue from his son, logs onto Chase online. A dream-come-true is just a click away as he quickly and easily redeems his rewards points.

As he looks back over at his mesmerized son, we focus in on the young boy's delighted expression and follow with him as he leans forward, on the edge of his seat. The reef, the fish, the under water caves- they're literally pulling him in. Adjusting his snorkel, he steps from the couch to get a closer look. This is where the magic happens. Like the amazing scene from "I Am Cuba" when the male lead seems to instantaneously step from the sidewalk into the depths of a neighborhood pool, our young boy leans far forward, the background moving out of focus, and dives from the couch into water- an ocean bed instead of carpet.

His eyes light up with excitement behind his snorkel mask. Real fish swim past. Real algae tickle his feet. Just as in "Whale," when we cut to the establishing shot of the fishing village, we pull back here to reveal the larger setting of the beach. The boy's snorkel peeks out of the shallow water as mom and dad look on and smile, or we see the family walking along the beach, the young boy splashing the low tide with his giant flippers. We've taken the narrative full circle as we slip back to the grounded and familiar sense of reality (the village, the beach) that began each spot.
NON-PROFIT: Massive Good/UNITAID [Story]

We open smack dab in the middle of another monotonous, banal day at the office. Our guy is getting ready to purchase a flight, maybe something a bit exotic to get him out of his rut, and suddenly there it is the MASSIVEGOOD for UNITAID icon. There's that 'should I or shouldn't I' moment of hesitation as the arrow hovers above it. Again, it's important to have this moment of deliberation in order to make it clear to the audience that this guy is 100% responsible for the events to come. "What's $2?" he thinks to himself. One simple click of the mouse, and a smile spreads over his face. That 'good feeling' is already taking hold.

This is where the music kicks in and his world is uprooted. Like a true Hollywood musical, the music dictates everything- success or failure, happiness or misery. In this case, he's gone with 'happy', catapulting us into a virtual Broadway production of Positivity Light and Good Fortune. Every smile from a beautiful girl, every job achievement, every miraculous bout of luck is set to this amazingly joyful and glitzy score.

In rhythm to the music, each cut takes us to a more excessive and extreme sequence of events- the beautiful girl in line at the coffee shop flashes him a smile; a lucky scratcher wins him $1000; the boss congratulates him on a new promotion; the coffee shop girl (wearing an amazing red dress) adjusts his tie and gives him a good luck kiss just before he accepts a prestigious award...
FOOD: Safeway [Lighting & Camera]

Our camerawork and lighting will place the food and the performances front and center, supporting them without being cumbersome or self-conscious. The camera will have a floating quality that is never chaotic or jerky, but rather smooth and fluid. It will be expressive and charming in a slightly imperfect way that is totally engaged in the moment. And always when we are on the food, it will give you a sense that we are savoring it. An organic, human touch to the photography will make the food feel fresh and alive, reinforcing Safeway's commitment to quality, freshness and health, and give each moment of captured performance an observed point of view - one that feels intimate and found, not staged or fake. Artistically interesting cutaways will also lend personality to the footage.

Another key to keeping the camerawork fresh is to have a combination of lenses. I'll use long lenses in order to capture that magical feeling of the holidays and create a rich, layered aesthetic. I also like to use a slightly wide lens to get in tight with the action and characters. This technique allows us to really feel their body language and emotions which will give our vignettes a sense of intimacy and immediacy that will make our audience feel like they are right there, sitting next to them, sharing the experience.

The lighting will also be warm and beautiful, with softness and texture that capture the sparkle and glow of the holidays, but in a fresh and modern way that's believable, not overly sentimental.
BEAUTY: Pantene [Casting]

The Pantene Girl should exude confidence, excitement and a playful sense of adventure. She's independent, in charge of her life (and her hair) and loves exploring all the city has to offer with her best friend at her side. Both women should be in their early 20s and must bring a real level of emotion and attitude to their performance. A great beauty spot isn't just about a girl looking fantastic, but also about a girl living it up and enjoying the way the product makes her feel, which she must be able to express through her eyes and undeniable charisma.

The girls don't have to be perfect, but they do need to have "It" - that special quality that makes them aspirational even though they're relatable. It's the certain spiciness or spark that makes them stand out even though their gorgeous hair and fun lifestyle is reachable for our audience.

Her wardrobe, whether she's at home getting ready or dolled up for a night out, should not only reflect her personality, but also reflect the color palette of the product as well as the elegant, chic and modern Pantene brand image.
CONSUMER BRANDS: Serta [Set Design]

We'll want to shoot this piece on set so that we can control the light, giving us more time to explore this day in bed than if we were relying on actual winter daylight hours. What's also great about recreating the space is our ability to manipulate it in order to capture a variety of angles and compositions. We'll build fly walls (two of which have windows) and then switch them out and move them as needed, giving us freedom to shoot in all directions. We can then bring in the parquet flooring and copy the molding and windows to scale of the loft in the print ad.

As we discussed, we can keep the room very simple. It's not necessary to see into any other rooms, as that would only take away from our focus - the two of them, their wonderful dynamic and this amazingly comfortable bed. This simplicity extends to the art direction. We don't want to over-crowd the room, but a few pieces of furniture (like a chair with a cozy blanket or blouse draped over it) and props (a stack of books on the floor beside the bed or a large mirror leaning against one wall) will make the space feel a bit more lived-in and real. We want the sense that they've only just begun to decorate, the bed being their first big purchase.

I like that the colors palette is restricted to whites and neutrals, because it limits visual distractions from the bed, but a bit of color from the props, wood flooring and their skin tones will bring warmth back into the room so that the monochromatic scheme doesn't end up feeling unnatural.

FOOD: Bisquick [Music & Sound Design]

We'd love for the sound design and music to echo the rhythmic and tonal progression of the visuals. We start with a very natural, quiet morning sequence- the soft breath of a child as they sleep, the light thump of a cat jumping from the bed onto the floor, the rustling of a comforter or the distant hum of outdoor morning activity. When we arrive at our dynamic kitchen scene, and the troops move in to conquer breakfast, the music kicks in.

Let's aim for a cool, modern piece with drive and a beat to it. It's not necessarily a full-on military style anthem (the voiceover and subtle hints in the visuals will probably be enough to drive this irony home), but it should provide a humorous contrast to the chaotic scene. [We've included a sample reference as a starting point for further discussion.]

But while the music and voice-over take center stage, we also want to continue some sound design in this latter portion. The sizzling of pancakes on the grill, the gentle whisking of batter, the cracking of an egg and subtle clanking of dishes will create an evocative sensory experience for our audience and keep them grounded in the reality of the moment.

CONSUMER BRANDS: OFF! [Effects / Post]

Both of these very real sequences should be punctuated with that same comic book styling as the rest of the story without cluttering up the image or downplaying its authenticity. Editing is key here. Clever transitions to these shots, as well as additional graphics, will help us to maintain continuity of style. For instance, as in "Dark Cloud," a jagged line as opposed to a straight one could appear between the side-by-side comparisons in "Chances." Or we could use something as simple as a frame sliding out or moving in to usher in the demo.

Another idea, in relation to the demo in the "Brace Yourself" spots, is to borrow from the thriller genre and movies such as Mission Impossible and The Bourne Identity, and make the sequence of putting together the clip-on akin to a sniper assembling his gun. Swiftly and easily, the Clip-On is locked and loaded, jumping quickly from angle to angle, as each step takes place. It's slick, precise and plays on the product's heroic quality.

This brings us to the time-lapse shots, themselves, which occur in all three spots. As discussed on the call, a great way to incorporate the comic book aesthetic without taking away from the validity of the lab test is to use some type of countdown graphic off to one side of the screen. A ticking clock, a descending bar, anything that plays upon the time-lapse element in a graphic way. With all of the above techniques, we successfully marry these scenes to the overall look of the campaign, while still ensuring that our audience sees them as authentic.

BEAUTY: Ubisoft [Closing]

I Love to Work in These Worlds...

... And this piece is exactly the type of project I'm having the most fun shooting right now. This is essentially a sneak peek at the game, itself, so we want the spot to feel as modern and cutting-edge as possible in order to build enthusiasm and anticipation for the product. Every component should feel electric - the lighting, the cinematography, the music, the design and choreography of the backstage world. If we speak their language, while keeping the visual style sleek and modern, we'll build an incredible excitement for the game, the television show and the sweepstakes.

This is a dream-come-true moment for our girl on screen, and every visual element we employ has to prove it to our kids at home. Thank you for reaching out: I look forward to speaking to you more very soon.

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