CARS: Cadillac [Opening]

The 2016 Cadillac CT6 delivers unparalleled design with the highest performing automotive sound system available. I love the way this film demonstrates the engineering design of the Bose Panaray sound technology while creating an emotional human connection in the story.

It's a great concept that I'm excited to bring to life. As I'll outline here, we'll create a hyper-real world where live action, animation and the Bose sound combine to expands everyday moments into a delightfully emotional escape. It all works together to create a thrilling phenomenon that can be felt as much as it can be heard.

We'll bring the lush Bose sound to life with an animated interplay of three-dimensional light, movement and color all originating from the Bose speakers to create our story. The luminescence of the sound paints the CT6 interior enveloping our driver. Organic and animated, it commands our attention and responds to an anthemic score that builds into a massive crescendo.

Connecting innovation and emotion, our animated computer graphics will overlay the interior with schematics of the speaker system while technical diagnostics analyze the escalating mood of our driver and connect the Cadillac Bose experience to a feeling of exhilaration and enjoyment.
CARS: Hyundai [Opening]

"Brand Anthem" has an elegant simplicity that transcends merely selling a vehicle. It is a profound narrative that stirs emotions and builds a deeply poignant sense of the past. Like portraits of fallen heroes there is a reflective sadness to revisiting the glory days. It speaks with respect for where we came from and with great excitement for things to come. Each image sequentially builds with an expansive feeling. It is a story of transformation, a rich photographic journey with a deep sense of poetry and thoughtfulness.
PHARMACEUTICAL: Nature Made [Opening]

These spots take a playfully positive approach to some serious topics and confidently put us at ease in the solutions of Nature Made. Expressive live action moments partner with animated metaphors of the human condition and take the storytelling to a deeper level. It is informative while being inspiring. It is enlightening while being lighthearted. It illustrates and transforms complicated biological systems making them understandable and relatable. And offers a solution that is natural, logical and effective.

I love the sense of discovery and transformation essential to the human experience that each of the boards present. My goal will be to enhance the expression of those experiences by creating cinematic moments of live action that meld and compliment another level of narrative told through the animated segments. Grounded in reality, the live action will be the emotional foundation for them with relatable situations and believable performances. The tone is empathetic, compassionate and encouraging.
TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft [Approach]

In today’s marketplace, the world is our office. Business happens at the speed of thought, and no one ever just sits behind a desk for long. Efficient collaboration is more critical than ever. Enter the new Microsoft Office, which enables its users to create connections that transform thought into action and collaboration into results. Effortlessly.

This film positions Microsoft Office as a powerful tool for industry of all kinds by putting it into the hands of the entrepreneurs who are redefining the world. Office’s seamless connectivity is the catalyst that takes the ’work’ out of working together. With visual wit and clever design, our filmmaking internalizes the fast paced, effortless utility of Microsoft connectivity with a fluid choreography and mercury-fast editorial pacing that effortlessly sweep us along like a dance that showcases Microsoft’s technology ’hard’ at work.

At the speed of thought, we travel through iconic industries at work. Each moment flows into the next. Just like our lives. Without skipping a beat, we are linked through our intersections and collaborations. It feels real and natural and yet fantastical. All at once.

Office solves problems and connects collaborators instantaneously letting us share and participate. From anywhere. At anytime.

FOOD: Miracle Whip [Approach]

Each of these spots is a celebration of food and friends. As a key character, the food is the tie that binds the human connection in each of the stories. It will look absolutely delectable in every shot, from the close-ups of a sandwich being embraced and bitten to the more traditional food photography shots of plated sandwiches. It will be an organic element within each of the scenarios, integrated into each setting and action.

These sandwiches are made with love and only the best ingredients. Fresh. Inviting. The kind of sandwich you'd make yourself at home. Plenty of meat and cheese piled high and perfectly dressed with a healthy dollop of Miracle Whip. Individually beautiful, appetizing and savory, completely inviting and delicious, these did not come from the local fast food shop. Like the casting, each spot will have food appropriately customized to its scenario.

Since a large portion of the food shots are so integrated into the action of the narratives of this campaign, we'd like to incorporate the food photography into the live action shoot and film it ourselves so the cinematic style is seamless throughout. The bottle of Miracle Whip will always look enticing and situational for the continuity of the spots. By keeping it a part of the action, it will never look simply placed or staged within a scene. No one will look like they have simply posed for the camera holding a jar.


The missing puzzle piece...

A puzzle in progress is a strong visual metaphor for all the aspects of our lives we are constantly piecing together. As it continuously evolves, it takes us through a well-managed day in the life of an Asthma sufferer. BREO is the missing piece that brings it all together. It gives this woman the ability to control her asthma and live her busy life to the fullest.

Beautiful cinematic film that captures genuine performances and worlds rich with authentic activity will imbue this story with the sense of connectedness, that she enjoys while using BREO to control her asthma.

BREO enables her to do what she loves with energy, commitment and passion. I want to capture the freedom she experiences in this story and use the cinematography to emotionally express her ability to be present in the moment. As the puzzle pieces of her fulfilling career, loving marriage and role as a great Mom fall into place, we are left with an uplifted feeling from participating in the things that matter most: family, health and purpose.

In every scene, our woman is actively participating in life and leading the way for us to follow her through her day. The puzzle pieces continuously come together adding to the energetic transitions and supporting the metaphor.

TECHNOLOGY: Charter [Overview]

The individuality of the spots offers a break from the monotonous uniformity of other campaigns. They have the ability to express the heartbeat of your message with a fresh delivery. Each one has its own point of view that calls for a distinct visual treatment. I love the idea of giving each its own stylized look so that the overall campaign has the feeling of being crafted by many hands.

The key to the campaign's effectiveness will be its execution and the attention to detail in the casting, design, and cinematography of each one so that these spots come off as compelling and memorable as they can possibly be. Everything will derive from the reality of the situations. The result will be beautifully composed imagery with natural performances that are immediately relatable.

CARS: Cadillac [Tone]

We see these as rich and cinematic moments in a sophisticated high tech world within the CT6.

The storytelling is more poetic than literal. Our point of view is grounded in the sensorial and emotion response that Bose inspires.
Our camera moves are precise and fluid. The light is stylized and bold.

The film will have a lush, tactile sensibility that connects you to the emotional feeling of the Bose experience.

The film will enliven our senses. Every detail immerses us in a heightened reality. Wardrobe styling expresses the refined Cadillac and Bose style in every detail.

The edit seamlessly moves us from shot to shot, beautifully intertwining and engaging the animated sound effect with the live action. Our film will excite Cadillac fans as well as create new ones.

FOOD: Arby's [Look & Feel]

What I really want to focus on in each of our spots is accentuating the elemental characteristics of each ingredient in a way that enlivens all the senses and makes mouths water.

The glistening moisture in the nooks of crispy lettuce and tender tomato, the peppery particles clinging to curly bacon edges, the ribbon of rich mesquite flavor, the zestiness of lightly melted cheese hugging ribbons of perfectly carved meat...and that’s just one of the sandwiches!

I want the food to be at its peak of freshness, quality and flavor while still being able to feel the human hand in its craftsmanship. It’s a fine balance that requires an unrelenting attention to detail and diligence.

I treat food like art and use light and movement to precisely accentuate the color, texture, and shape of ingredients. The right light enhances the elements of flavor and freshness in a tangible and aspirational way. It’s a chiaroscuro sensibility that uses the contrasts in light and shadow to achieve the richest, most savory, sensorial experience.

CARS: Hyundai [Look & Feel]

With an art direction that compliments a feeling of spontaneity and heightens the purity of found objects, we will construct our sets with the kind of randomness in documentaries or editorial photography that makes beautiful compositions. Examined by the natural light of their environment, complimentary colors, combinations of tones and textures will create a harmony that turns them from common junk into something more. Like portraits of Hollywood icons, the stillness of the used cars shots will each have a magnificence that could stand alone as a photo in a coffee table book. With an aesthetic that connects them complimented by the bare honesty of their current states, we'll give each of the old cars a soul and character, humanizing them in their staging and art direction. Each giving voice to its past and all it represented.

BEAUTY: Jergens [Look & Feel]

The opening first few seconds define how these women look and feel. Their expressions and body language are revealing. A gentle application of cream is nurturing and self-indulgent. Fingers glide over skin, healing and revitalizing. Their concern for the health of their skin, their appearance and their overall radiance is genuine.

These are simple, graphic compositions to highlight the skin and the quality of the skin set in an uncomplicated environment that feels like a real place. A wall or mirror can add depth and texture. A window offers a natural element for subtle lighting shifts between transitions. Nothing will distract the viewer's eye from looking at her skin.

I recommend filming these on stage where we have the most control over the lighting. It is the key element in expressing the details of each scenario. In "Arrival" cooler desaturated light heightens the dryness and tightness of her skin and contrasts the warm backdrop. Her hand caresses her legs as she applies the cream, taking time to relish the experience as she pampers herself and enjoys the results. The transition to the tan leg will be striking and genuine: healthy, naturally glowing skin that is irresistibly touchable.

MEDICAL: Presbyterian Women's Center [Look & Feel]

The overall feeling will be warm and accessible, strengthening our human connection to each storyteller and building the reveal more. Natural lighting will feel warm and inspirational. Our production design and lensing style will enhance the cohesive look for the campaign, while still improving the authenticity of the storytelling, and delivering a film style that refines the look of the Orthopedic Spot, but does not alienate it from the group.

While maintaining a feature film sensibility, I recommend using HD as the medium to capture these moments. The smaller camera size is liberating with beautiful results. We will use film lenses to add depth when we want it and create shallow focus or selected focus to add intimacy. Nothing is sacrificed visually.

The largest benefit of using HD over film is that we can be more inconspicuous: rolling unannounced to capture unscripted moments, not having to disrupt a tone on set with an intrusive slate, and the smaller camera size is less intimidating to the person in front of it which is especially valuable when shooting real people.

BEAUTY: Neutrogena [Visual Approach]

We are crafting luminous portraits that capture the exuberant essence of these talented and naturally beautiful women and delivering all the warmth, humanity and inspiration that inspires us to "See what's possible."

Every woman is unique. My approach begins by carefully studying each face to find the most flattering perspective. I meticulously finesse our camera millimeter by millimeter to find just the right angle and height that reveals their evocative beauty. This cinematic approach is a highly precise technique.

Our ethereal white backdrop will bounce soft light in three dimensions. Wrapped in luminous light smooth, perfect skin pops in striking contrast to the pristine, white surrounding world. The lush film will have a distinctive sense of dimension and richness within the simple graphic world.

I'll use a small Technocrane to mount the camera. Once we lock in the exact camera angle, there's no need to waste time re-creating each set up as with a handheld camera or dolly. This efficiency will allow us to quickly move between takes, breaks and variations of lines.

As with the Jennifer Garner film, this crane arm will gently 'breath' the camera, making the shots feel alive, finding the most beautiful angles, and offering the ability to float the camera in the precise millimeters of perfection, keeping everything looking fresh and spontaneous.

FINANCIAL: AARP [Cinematography]

I shoot my own film, which puts me right in the action. This makes me very responsive to the action and quick to reframe for the most compelling and beautiful shots. Fluid, graceful camera movement follows the action in the natural way that our eyes do, immersing us in moments that feel spontaneous and happened upon.

Our cinematography will play a huge role in making this really feel like a party that we are a part of and the naturalness of the tablet in use. The filmmaking will have a first person point of view that makes it feel like one of the family members or one of the hero couple holding the Realpad in frame.

The images are rich and lush filled with natural light and intimacy. Backgrounds will glow with complimentary natural light, while shallow depth of field focuses on eyes, expressions and faces.

At times our frames will be wide, to get a larger feeling of the party in progress, like when they enter the party or in a room filled with guests or out in the yard. But most of the shots will be medium close-ups, focusing on the subtle nuances people interacting with the RealPad and each other.

These "frames within frames" will be filled with and surrounded by genuine human expressions and interactions.

FOOD: Tim Hortons [Cinematography]

We shoot the ingredients to build a fast-paced, staccato sequence that all reveal fresh ingredients that we crave to start our mornings. Once I start with one ingredient shot that will motivate the next ingredient shot and so one. It's much like adding colors to a painting where on stroke will reveal what the next wants to be.

We can infuse that kind of energy into our food photography to heighten the appetite appeal. It can originate from the camera, the subject, or a combination of both. For example...

• Low angle the glistening blade of a knife forges through the crisp shell of a pepper while water dances on the cutting board.

• Shallow depth of field draws us into the succulent texture of sizzling bacon strips.

• In glorified slow motion eggs descend towards a tortilla.

• Macro shot of slivers of cheese falling from the grater with flares of morning light sneaking into frame

Actions, movement, energy…will be used to create that fresh cue and speak the epic movie language.

CARS: Hyundai [Cinematography]

This spot will live or die on how the Hyundai is shot. In no way will theses shots be an afterthought or play second fiddle to the others. The car shots must have the same detail of construction and sense of design as what comes before it. There must be a sense of gravity and weight in the execution. This needs to be bigger than just driving footage. And this footage can't feel anonymous or crafted by a different hand. It has to be shot in an unexpected way that gives it its own sense of branding that can continue to evolve as the brand grows. It is personifying the future of the car industry. The photography of the Hyundai promise of a better way: smart design that is eco-conscious, well built and visually stunning.

Cooler, sleeker photography will emphasize the technologically advanced sophistication of the Hyundai. Dynamic, fluid, head turning. This is no place for standard issue car photography. The photography will be smart and unexpected, with unusual lens placements giving us a new perspective - not what you usually see in car spots. Shallow depth of field focusing on the details in an element of the car and letting the background fall out of focus. Abstract elements of light and shadow will play off of reflections. We'll us a Porsche chase car to give as the most options in creating shots with the most unexpected and visual impact. Overhead photography would make a fantastic statement of the Hyundai's grandeur.

TECHNOLOGY: Xfinity [Lighting & Cinematography]

Along with the human elements, the camera transforms into a dynamic personality as well. It has elasticity to its perspective, being able to move swiftly between extremes and from one place to another without feeling choppy or like an old school snap zoom. A short techno crane booms to follow actions and interactions. The fluidity has an elegance and superiority in its point of view.

By filming the elements separately, the camera is unlimited in where it can be placed, unhindered by cast members and set pieces. Its sight is not limited by tracking behind the action. Freed from having to move camera positions in order to capture actions and reactions, our creative is no longer restricted by the interruption of cuts or the distraction of morphing.

Lighting will be environmentally natural to the setting and vary with the tonal changes and time of day in each location. Accent lighting will strategically highlight decisive moments and use environmental elements such as TV screens and computer monitors as complimentary light sources. I will design a lighting treatment for the transitions so they are unnoticeable until he arrives in the new locale never leaving us squinting when we go from a dimly lit loft to a sun drenched West Coast living room. The transitions should be invisible.

TECHNOLOGY: Charter [Lighting & Cinematography]

The photography of this spot is its signature. Stunning macro photography featuring shallow depth of field, dramatic light and graphic compositions. Filmic. Powerful. Unexpected. There is nothing on the air that comes close to the impact of macro photography.

Camera is locked off, framing is off centered, off kilter and unconventional; turning magnified human body into abstract elements. Unexpected angles give us a new perspective. Magnified human body parts feel geographical and architectural in their stature. Hairs raise, tears stream, goose bumps appear, the surface of the skin itself becomes an environment.

Environmental light sources become part of the story. Dim light from television screens and computer monitors become primary light sources, revealing details between flickers.

Each set up has a deception. You aren't sure of what you are seeing at first. The compositions call for a second look to separate the subject from the background. Just when the environment falls into place and begins to makes sense, the impact of the emotional reaction packs a second punch.

BEAUTY: Jergens [Casting]

Impeccable beauty and flawless skin are not the only prerequisites. With only a short time to tell these stories, performance is key.

Our woman needs to have an inner confidence. She is the kind of woman who expresses a range of emotions subtly and elegantly. As the tension builds, her frustration must be immediately recognizable. In the reveal shots, she must exude a relaxed confidence. Sophisticated, graceful, gorgeous.

I recommend that each of our women who audition go through each of the scripted actions. It will give us a sense of how they carry themselves, how comfortable they are with themselves and their bodies and their range of expressions. It will also determine if they can apply the product in a self-nurturing and luxurious way.

PHARMACEUTICAL: Nature Made [Casting]

These spots target people who are interested in taking care of themselves, who make that investment on a daily basis. They are willing to do what it takes to be healthier and stronger. They are aspirational in the sense that they look healthy and feel good about themselves, but not so picture perfect that they come across as models. A little older, a little wiser and someone who can inspire us with their experience to follow in their footsteps.

Spots without dialogue rely heavier on a look to represent them. These are people who we can relate to, they feel like people we know. They are authentic characters in real life situations that speak to us. Our talent needs to be able express their feelings with a look or a movement.

The right balance of facial expressions and body language will say a lot in a short amount of time. We should feel the despair and frustration in the tired eyes of our sleepless woman. And feel her complete relaxation from head to toe once she is able to find rest.

TECHNOLOGY: Charter [Casting]

While each spot has its own demographic needs, there is a tie that binds the cast as a whole. There is a freshness, a humility, a uniqueness in character that translates into honest performances — the signature of the campaign as a whole.

Dad and son could really be related if we have the fathers we cast bring in their sons to audition with them. Having the closeness of this bond already built in before we start filming is a great place to begin. The innocence of an honest question is timeless. Dad's awkwardness in his attempts to respond makes this an uncomfortable moment that anyone could relate to.

Our daughter may not be related to the man cast as her father, but she should have that trust that children have to believe in things they can't see. As her father tells his story, she needs the ability to hold a look of awe and innocence and be able to immerse herself in the fantasy of her room becoming a giant squid. Listening wide-eyed as her imagination takes the lead, her interactions with her father are sweet and charming.


My priority is to invest heavily in finding the most likable, sincere "real" people for each role to work with. I want people who can bring something to the screen with their personality and backstory so that we truly believe in them as fully dimensional people like ourselves.

We will cast for real couples as well as actors. They should have a natural chemistry that speaks to having weathered life's successes and challenges for thirty years. Casting other real families and friends is a great approach for this project. Their built in relationships will keep the conversations flowing and make affectionate gestures all the more intuitive and real.

Above all else, there needs to be a spark between the couple. These are the kind of people who could complete each other's sentences, gently chide and joke and speak in the kind of shorthand and that comes with thirty great years. Their relationship is still engaging and lively. They still have a romantic glow that makes them still excited about one another and their future together. Sixty is the new forty, after all.


A feeling of home...

The house will be warm and inviting with little telltale signs of family life like a bike in the driveway or soccer ball in the yard. It should feel like the kind of house were all the other neighbor kids like to come and play.

The doctor's office is light, clean-lined, and airy. Inviting, but not overly clinical. Light tones and some of our BREO blue tones mixed in.

The workplace is vibrant and modern with an open space feel. It should feel like a dynamic, creative and important place to work. The atmosphere shouldn't feel overly high-pressured but rather a place where she has a great job that let's her manage her schedule.

The park will be tree lined and full of lush greenery with lots of room to run and play and a sense of community from other people in the background. A fresh sense of the outdoors, even as the late afternoon sun is going down.

The interior for the ending is simple, a living room where we see she is settling down. The design in uncluttered and has warm family touches. Tonally in the art direction, we can reintroduce some of our rich BREO blues.

BEAUTY: Jergens [Story]


The airport scene is a great set up for the ultimate reveal. Harsh light, stark linoleum, hard metal surfaces mimic the coolness and paleness of the 'before" scene. We'll find her in a crowd as she works her way to her bag. Choppy cuts of detailed close ups capture her stress and discomfort.

Stepping away from the crowd bag in hand, the unveiling begins. The frame rate changes, slowing just enough for us to savor every gesture. Her hair spills onto her shoulders as her hat comes off, her jacket opens and falls away, layers peel off revealing the warm, golden, smooth skin featured in "after" shot. She looks and feels fantastic.

She confidently strides toward the exit and her awaiting girlfriends. Windows awash in tropical golden light envelop her making her skin glisten even more. She is impossible not to notice. In the background a fellow traveler watches as she steps into the light and reunites with her girlfriends.

MUSIC VIDEO: Robbie Williams [Story]

This powerful ballad deserves visuals that are as profound as its lyrics. We envision this video set in Paris with all of its ephemeral beauty; timeless like love, enduring as the morning sun. We see it as a cool visual art piece, cinematic and visually stunning.

The video opens at first light. Inspirational morning sunlight washes over the Eifel tower, sunlight streaming through its beams and creating dazzling lens flares.

Robbie stands in front of the Eiffel tower looking down at a woman lying on the ground, hovering just above it. We have freeze-framed a moment in time pausing just before the moment of impact. Although still, there is a sense of movement in her posture in the way her hair splays and her clothing hangs. Robbie reaches out to her...

BEAUTY: Neutrogena [Styling]

Every aspect of our hair/makeup and wardrobe styling will be effortlessly gorgeous and accentuate skin texture and tone.

Clothing should luxuriously wrap their skin in a simple elegance without calling attention to itself.

Whether we create a natural sculptural hairline along the face or create a bang, the hair should have a healthy and lustrous glow that compliments the skin.

I also like to experiment with a very subtle wind in the hair that we can subtly feel without really seeing it move.

There's a comfort level that comes from being surrounded by people that you know and trust will make you look your best. I support using each of our cast members preferred stylists for the most exquisite results.

FOOD: McDonald's [Special Effects]

Maintaining the balance between the familiar and the fantastic is critical to its success. The emphasis will be on the strength and simplicity of the story and will not be overpowered by the FX. The feeling will be clean but not too slick or overly produced. It will feel organic and completely integrated into the environment. I recommend beginning collaboration early on and having the FX supervisor on sight during the shoot.

By starting at the fountain drink dispenser within McDonald's, we establish the familiar and then give way to the fantastic as soon as our man steps into frame. At this point, he is a swirling mass of mysterious dry particles. We cut to a close up of the cup under a dispenser. Ice cubes tumble and then an effervescent stream fills the cup. This is our beauty shot. I will pay close attention to making this sequence completely appetizing and appealing, covering it from several angles and framings.

The camera cuts and moves. Our perspective changes so that we are on the ground at the base of the swirling figure. We hear the sounds of him enjoying his drink; perhaps even the exaggerated details of him getting every last drop out of the cup, as we see his feet materialize. The camera travels up his body and we witness the effects of the hydrating beverage as it transforms him from particles to a solid form. With a close up on his face, we see him, cup in hand, finishing his drink and smiling with an expression of great joy and relief. He is fully refreshed, re-hydrated and back to his recognizable self.

TECHNOLOGY: Charter [Closing]

You've created something wonderful. Each of these scripts stands on its own as a relatable personal statement of the human experience. Together, they form a campaign that is fresh and unexpected in its diversity and united strongly in its message.

Ultimately, it is about the execution and how they are put together.

I'd love to work with you to make them the best they can be. Thank you for considering me for this project.


Cinematic puzzle pieces of our hero's life are a visually captivating metaphor for good health. This is an opportunity to position BREO as a brand that helps asthma patients manage and live a fully engaged lifestyle. The key elements for me are:

• Strategic casting of naturally radiant and relatable talent. She must be 100% authentic, a mom that speaks to others as a real friend with real problems and solutions.

• A directorial vision that delivers authentic and honest, emotional performances that connects with audiences.

• Beautiful, rich, cinematography of every day moments that speak to the larger story of how we juggle the day-to-day but stay engaged.

"The Puzzle" is the story of someone who has found a solution. We believe her story as we witness firsthand her confidence and control in her professional life and her warm, active role as a nurturing, fully present Mom.

I'd love to create this with you. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

BEAUTY: Jergens [Closing]

This campaign isn't just another beauty regime. These are honest, personal moments of luxurious and nurturing self-care. It is about how these women choose to take care of their skin, not to simply get noticed, but for themselves. The results are dazzling: gorgeous healthy skin and a confidence that is authentic, grounded, and empowering. I look forward to collaborating with you to make this campaign as stunning as possible.

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