CARS: Lexus [Opening]

The philosophy and motivation behind this edge of your seat campaign will be to Elevate the Everyday, and unveil the new and improved personality of the Lexus GX…a classic and prestigious brand, re-imagined for a forward thinking audience.

The two films will showcase everything we want in a car and more: safety, awesome performance and gorgeous looks.

Essentially the GX is the everyday person’s Superhero Vehicle...

The overall tone and attitude of both films will be kept serious and sophisticated with an edgy, modern action film feel. Therefore, all our characters should remain in synch with this direction with subtle performances that take us away from traditional advertising.
CONSUMER PRODUCTS: Pine Sol [Overview]

This short film is an homage to the glamorous black and white Noir films of classic cinema.

The opulent location is almost another character here: a place where princes race cigarette boats…European film stars sunbathe topless…you can just see Grace Kelly gliding through an elegant casino…

We’re sweeping our audience away…taking them on an exotic journey that unexpectedly ends with our familiar heroine, Diane.

Diane is the ultimate femme fatale: incandescently beautiful and powerful. She creates her own fantasies and brings them to life.

The hero in our spot is a driven renegade. He’s been set-up and has only a few hours to catch the guy who did it. One obsessed FBI agent is doggedly pursuing him across Manhattan…a relentless 24-hour chase that has culminated to this moment.

We open on a lush, sweeping bird’s-eye shot of New York City rooftops. It’s a warm, end of summer evening. The orange sun is just dipping out of sight, giving way to a dusky indigo sky.

Our hero races across a rooftop, ducking under thick cables and adroitly rounding architectural structures. A tight shot of his ruggedly handsome face: a determined look in his eyes. His jacket billows out and underneath he wears a well-worn T-shirt…he’s been on the run all day.

The SWAT team is a black ops arm of the FBI, so they’re somewhat scarier than every day policemen. They wear all black, face-masks and perhaps even ominous night vision goggles. We can play around with the weapons and equipment to add to their furtive vibe. We cut tight on the lead agent’s face, revealing his cold steely grey eyes; this guy clearly has a personal stake in capturing our hero.

We’ll brilliantly choreograph moments of the chase so it feels innovative and fresh. For the action to feel real, it should be somewhat imperfect. Perhaps our hero slides across the gravel of the rooftop as he rounds a corner, almost slipping. He powerfully vaults over a railing, coming thisclose to the edge.
CARS: Lexus [Narrative]

Somewhere in her early thirties, our mom is a gorgeous, stylish and charismatic heroine, with deep almond eyes, full lips and an intelligent glimmer in her expression. Nothing about her says “PTA”: she’s way too savvy and forward thinking to ever be a stereotype, however she’s right there with her kids, loading the Lacrosse gear into the spacious trunk…

Like their mom, her children have a unique aura. The boy (10) has more of a Max from Where the Wild Things Are look than a traditional Disney cherub. And the girl ( 7), has a dusting of freckles across her nose and an Ellen Page sense of sweet coolness.

Our camera moves alongside the GX, as it graces through the topography of this downtown neighborhood. The running shots are heroic, from the stylish lines reflecting architecture, to its powerful and smooth handling. Metallic silvers pop against the lush body of the vehicle…from this first beat, the ride is exhilarating.

A note about the vehicle performance cinematography: we'll shoot with an Ultimate Arm rig for incredible car to car running shots. A buck on a Tow Vehicle will be used to shoot the close ups of our heroes, as well as insert shots where we see the outside world; for instance, P.O.V shots from over the shoulder of our hero looking out the window.

Whether you’re in the Cap d’ Antibes or cresting a cliff’s edge in Malibu, there’s something breathtaking about seeing the ocean from such great heights.

Our picture opens wide over just such a stunning coastline. The ocean is still, with just the moonlight illuminating its surface…it looks like a glimmering, never-ending expanse of mirror.

With a dramatic bird’s eye descent, our camera soars to the road to find two matching cream-colored 1950’s Roadsters, moving at breakneck speeds. One tails the other closely on the Grand Corniche.

The luminous Riviera zips by in the background replete with hundreds of tiny glimmering lights; from hillside villages to the bustling strip, to lights on boats dotting the harbor.
BEAUTY: Elizabeth Arden [Visual Style]

There are no laws of physics in a dream, this world is free of logical confines.

Perfume spots are so much more SURREAL than a traditional cinema experience. They always have a strong magical realism to the imagery, which makes them hypnotic to watch...

Sensual cues create a distinct visual language:
The glimmer from the pool is the only light source, bathing everything in a blue glow...

Long silk curtains catch a breeze, but oddly billow in reverse...

Clouds also move in reverse: natural light cuts through them with an almost Biblical sense of

The light from a candle flickers in reverse, casting strange shadows and dream-like shapes...

The slightest touch causes a sharp intake of breath...
BEAUTY: CoverGirl [Look & Feel]

So simple but so strong…
The women in these spots are empowered by their beauty – they’re relishing in their own gorgeousness – and CoverGirl is the ultimate ally to help them feel this amazing.

CoverGirl’s philosophy is unique from other cosmetic brands: they focus on beauty yet embrace individuality. It goes without saying, the three women in these spots are rare beauties. They represent many different types of women in terms of look, skin tone and personality. My goal will be to truly capture their individual spirits: that inner luminosity that transcends physical beauty.

The Look and Visual Style

The greatest thing about these CoverGirl products is that they bring out a natural radiance. As opposed to hiding or masking, they allow the glow that every woman has to shine through, so my intention is to showcase that in our photography.

In terms of cinematography, it’s all about THE FACE. With pristine and modern lighting designs we’ll accentuate each woman’s elegant features. The images are pure, breathtaking portraits.
STORE: Safeway [Look & Feel]

In both spots, our film will be replete with gorgeous colors and textures. The moments are cinematic and rich, as if moments from a feature film. In ‘Thanksgiving’ our color palette will have a rich, autumnal tone, full of vibrant oranges, burnt ambers and deep cinnamons. Our food will shine heroically, popping off the screen in rich cherry reds and saturated greens.

With ‘Holiday’ the colors palette will integrate a lot of bright reds and shimmering golds. We’ll take those traditional holiday colors and bring them alive in a sophisticated, modern way.
APPAREL: JC Penney [Casting]

Although our cast is great looking, they are also very REAL. These are 20-somethings with rich stories and interesting faces. Think of actors like Ryan Gosling or Jennifer Goodwin: they’re uniquely attractive and interesting.

They’re also very natural actors so there’s nothing ‘posed’ about their presence.
It’s a ‘coolness’ that never comes off as intimidating…

Stylistically, each cast member has his or her own way of mixing things up, like people you might see on The Sartorialist; some are conventional, some are fun and experimental…

More than just models…our cast has an effortless emotional intimacy with their surroundings and each other. They’re authentic, like people we know…
LUXURY: Rolex [Location]

Our environment is the stunning canvas on which our narrative unfolds, so it’s crucial we find a location that’s not only huge in scope but also feels completely remote and isolated. We want the viewer to feel like we’re taking them somewhere so secluded it’s almost inaccessible to civilization.

We’ll find a body of water punctuated by glaciers and ice formations and a landscape that seems to go on forever. These ice formations are so imposing and formidable they almost feel otherworldly. We may also want to work with the placement of the glaciers in post, adding or reshaping, to create the sweeping visual of the environment. We can explore a variety of breathtaking locales which exist in the Northwest Territory of Canada toward Greenland. The location we decide upon will inspire us further in terms of our look and the overall direction of the spot.
MUSIC VIDEO: Carrie Underwood [Story]

The soft bare feet of a girl RUN wildly through the woods.
Searchlights from a helicopter SCAN the dark night.
The girl runs through deep shadows and bright shafts of light, looking over her shoulder…

A close up reveals that the girl is Carrie, looking gorgeous in a men’s button-down shirt. Her blonde hair is full and flowing behind her as she runs…from something.

Carrie laughs breathlessly, loving every second of this pursuit.

Security teams with Dobermans pursue her: we see their mouthpieces and walkie-talkies as they search the woods, frantic to find her.

A security guard picks up a black, high heel ankle boot: they’ve lost her.

Messing with authority + the freedom of the night = pure fun.

Carrie splashes through a little stream and runs out onto the road at night.
It’s Mullholand Drive and the city below twinkles in the Jasmine scented night air.
MUSIC VIDEO: Gwen Stefani [Story]

A cinematic overhead shot of downtown city intersection. The streets are completely empty as if it’s 4AM. The city is old yet timelessly beautiful, somewhere like Buenos Aires or Havana. A sick car pulls into frame as the camera cuts down to the street below.

The door swings open and out steps Gwen. She stares across the intersection looking amazing, flawless from head to toe. She puts her hands on her hips as the wind blows through her hair. Unmistakable attitude and sexiness. On the other corners of the intersection the Harajuku Girls arrive. Love, Angel, Baby and Music. Their gear is hybrid Japanese style and NYC street.

A panoramic shot of the intersection…it’s reminiscent of Gangs of New York: a girl on every corner and Gwen in the middle. In the distance we hear a driving drumbeat, slowly rumbling closer. It’s the Hollaback beat, muffled.

The Harajuku Girls join Gwen in the middle of the road as the camera spins around them in a circle. Something wicked is coming this way. Just then they look up in the sky...

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